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1. make a backup. Just for the case that you later notice that there is some software or some driver on the partition which you still need although you thought you wouldn't.
2. put the Install3.1 disk into DF0 and reset the computer.
3. when Workbench has loaded from floppy, select the DH0 icon and choose "format disk" from the menu. Enter a volume name, probably the same as it currently has and click on Quick. Now it's empty. It still boots, but it will only show you an empty DOS window.
4. open the Install3.1 icon, the Install drawer and double click your preferred language.
0. make sure that all your floppy disks are write protected. Never remove the write protection from an original disk. If it asks you to do so, you did something wrong before. You never need to write to the floppy disks during installation.
5. when asked for your skill, select advanced or expert. Never ever select Novice !!!
6. when asked where to install to, select the DH0 partition.
7. follow the onscreen instructions.
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