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Originally Posted by fxgogo View Post
Thanks eXeler0, that lines up with what I experienced. Never played with V5 as I jumped to 3DS Max after V4. Was it any good? Loved V4 on the Amiga, but V4 on DOS was a real step backwards apart from rendering speed for me.
Although I don't remember any specific details about this any more, I think the 3d editing mode was a new thing in v5 which was cool and felt modern, but was slow, even with 060. Also, extensive AREXX support was there.. but then after the first few patches it dragged on for years with these point releases (the ACUP programme).. And I wasn't around in Amigaland to see them all back then. By the time we were seeing PPC binaries I had also left for 3dsmax and PC.
But in more general terms, I definitely switched from 4 to 5 when it came out and just like Deluxe Paint 5 brought new features it probably wasn't as stable as 4.0.
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