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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
pixelfill asked for a "pipeline" between 3dsmax and Imagine, and the answer to that question is DXF and that is the only format I know of that Imagine can import/export (and also 3dsmax reads/writes). So .obj (the wavefront variant) is of no use here unfortunately.
So the next thing would be to find a third party converter.. (like the few mentioned here in the thread)
And if someone had the sources and the knowhow, and the desire... I guess they could write a custom importer for Imagine that reads say .obj then life would indeed become easier.. But what is the market for that ;-)
Yeah, went back to the Imagine 3 manuals and DXF is the only one. I was thinking more of applications that can read the Imagine format and go from there. Maybe Imagine for Windows circa Release 5 was a bit more flexible?

I do think I have a 3D object converter in my box of disks, will check to see what does. There is a program called Polytrans. Not sure if it is around anymore, but it converted almost everything back in the day.
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