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I posted this in The Zone a month ago. I'll post it again here and there. It has:

-Imagine 2.0 for Windows
-Imagine v4 DOS
-Imagine 5 for Amiga and a PPC version too. I have not tested the Amiga versions.

I was able to get from the IFW version from the web master last year. This site is no longer active but here is the archive.*/

I have the files shared on my Gdrive.

IFW 2.x (Imagine For Windows)

-WEB: url of training and sample renders.
-VIDEOS: urls training and sample animations.
-SOFTWARE: Imagine3D x86 (2.0 - 2.19) and Amiga (68k & PPC).
-BOOKS: I-Files IFW manual, Tutorials, and books.

Currently I'm reading "3D Modeling Lab" pretty good book focuses on Imagine but helpful for other 3D prgs. The official I-Files manual looks very well done too. I actually heard that Impulse never paid the author and there was some big fight over it.

Check out this dudes Imagine for Windows 3D renders on YT.

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