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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Added a new demo for sprite multiplexing, everything here is rendered with 16 colour sprites alone (no bobs). I hacked this together because I needed something a bit more powerful than the CustomSprites command.

It's pretty rough though - it only supports attached (16 colour) sprites and doesn't fully support all Sprite features (high resolution positioning etc). As above I only really made this for a very bespoke purpose, but it should be enough to help you get started on your own multiplexing solution if you need something a bit more powerful than what Blitz offers built in.
Hi Earok - was possibly going to try and use your code for my Flappy Bird game as need a few more sprites to play with but I can't get you demo code to compile. Gets stuck here:

*s.sprite = Addr Sprite(MegaSprites()\ID)

		;Default Positions
		XPos = MegaSprites()\X + 64
		YPos = MegaSprites()\Y + 44

		pos.w = ((YPos & $ff) lsl 8) | (XPos & $ff)
		ctrl.w = (((YPos + *s\_height - 1) & $ff) lsl 8) | $80
		d1.l = *s\_data
		d2.l = d1 + *s\_nextoff
I'm obviously missing something as *s.sprites comes up with unknown type (and so do all the *s lines). I guess this is something to do with passing the sprite data to your routine but it has me beat.

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