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Video Toaster 4000, Get it before it goes on ebay.

I am posting this for a friend of mine, I am not selling any of my Amiga's or Toaster 4000! You can try to take them out of my dead hand! I tried to talk this poor soul out of selling his Amiga but the machine is already sold, he only has his Toaster 4000 left to sell. I told him he better offer it to EAB members first before it goes on ebay and he agreed.

Video Toaster 4000 for sale including the following.

Video Toaster 4000 card, works and was tested today.

Toaster 4000 Docs

Toaster 4.1 upgrade CD

Joe Tracy's Flyer Mastery Guide

Millennium 3 CD Set with manual. 3rd party add-on for Video Toaster that includes many tools such as extra wipes, Control Tower, Audio tools and more. This sells for $300 new.

Send him offers to

If you do buy this card don't forget I sell Pyromania real-time fire effects for the Amiga and Video Toaster. This was 9 months of hard work to create and I only sell it for $70 now. It is a 2 CD set and works on all AGA or Graphic card based Amigas. {Shameless plug}
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