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Some good news. Reason I did not want to use my A600 with 2D motherboard as main A600 was because it could not read any of my CF cards through PCMCIA which would make it a hassle to transfer stuff to it. I would need to take out the internal IDE CF card and mount it in WinUAE to transfer files.

now I have been cleaning this motherboard some more, removing rust from shielding, ports etc and cleaning the rest of the flux away and stuff like that. By doing this I found a cold solder joint for some components that sits above the PCMCIA slot and below the power connector on the edge of the board. They are some square blocks with silver colour. Not really sure what they are. I reflowed that with fresh solder and now my PCMCIA port will see and read the CF cards I have that is known to work for my rev 1.5 A600 and A1200. Previously these CF cards would only show up as NDOS on he 2D board, and could not be used.

So now I use this 600 as main together with A604n, ACA 620 and Indi ECS. I did not bother to take the 3.1 kickstart from the 1.5 board and instead use ACATune to load kickstart 3.1. I had to load an A1200 40068 rom for classic workbench to work, as it did not work with the A600 40063 ROM. Even though that is the hardware rom installed on the 1.5 board. Failed to find any bad connections on the 1.5 board thus far. Will see if it detects the other chip ram expansion I have on the way. I am pretty sure there must be a broken trace or solder joint as I had problems getting my A604n to work in the past. Only this time, after recap, cleaning and everything I could never get it to detect the 1MB extra chip RAM on the 1.5 board.

Anyway, at least I have my 2D board fully working with everything

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