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Some unreleased games

Somebody should add these hol

Maim and mangle

From amiga nutta: Updated information on both Maim & Mangle and Explorer 2260 can be found on the World Foundry website. There are also a couple of new screenshots for Mai & Mangle on the webpage. Adding to this information on their recent polls and a new one can be found there. The webpage is:-


From eager: An arcade adventure being designed as an interactive movie. A sort of modern version of the Dragon's Lair style of game but reportedly with more playability than that earlier title. Two demos were released on AFCDs 27 and 28. The first was the intro demo (90Mb) and the latter a rolling game demo (185Mb).


From eager: This was a Doom type game which was binned when Vulcan left the Amiga platform. There was a website at where screenshots and a demo could be found, unfortunately it seems to have disappeared. Demos are avail on Uropa 2 and Final Oddysey CDs.

PS. These late 90 games could be easier found/release because they are not from big companies
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