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What seem to work for me - from wav - is the following, however i use milkytracker, but still size might not as reduced as you need; sometimes you might need to go microinstrument to get smaller

1) i use 'resample' in audacity and put 22050 mhz
2) export the sample as 16 bit wav
3) import sample in milkytracker, boost audio (if needed) then change in the instrument tab relative note to C-6 (from the default F-6)
4) use in the sampler option advanced/resample, change the parameters as follows:
Relative note: 0
fine tune: 0
[C-4 speed note will become 8363]
Interpolation: Lagrange

then press OK

lastly change the radio button on the waveform editor to 8-bit and confirm change

I used this method for all samples captured from hoot for the Power Drift soundtrack, result is pretty good
(this is a work in progress so things will be improved, included finetune)

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

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