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I've done a test by using a slightly altered version of my audio mixer program. The alteration being that there is no more mixer, just the 4 channel protracker player.

The player I use is by Frank Wille, as found on ("ProTracker 2.3B replayer with support for external sound fx"). I've used version 5.0. Hope it helps. Note that you must press the left mouse button for the module playback to actually start after the program displays the 'title'

Edit: I just read that my code here only does part of what you ask. It doesn't load the modules and it's not named correctly either. Sorry, I thought I could do it quickly :P

Edit 2: I've replaced the attached program with a new version. This one plays back at full volume and loads in test.mod from disk rather than including it in the exe. It also does some basic error checking in case the file misses/memory is insufficient.
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