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Originally Posted by Nightshft View Post
and about a possible cheat:
in the Video comments a dev meant that there's a cheat:
Enter "BOAHSATTEHALLUSEY!" while playing. But I couln't get that to work. I even did a quick mem scan with ThrillKill but, so far, no cigar.

Just found the cracked version. It was nicely done and trained by musashi9 in 2015. Couldn't find it on the Flashtro page but it's on the ftp (theZone/files/_2015/
As musashi added infinite lives the cheat isn't really needed anymore (at least when playing the cracked version). It just would be fun to find out
I have already added unlimited lives!!
Patch finished
PS: it seems there are non cheat mode and highscore screen and save HS not impemented in current version
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