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Meanwhile I tried out Dr. Cubes Magic Lands. It's really well done, high fps, smooth scrolling and some nice gameplay features. Its quite a cool game, however I played it up to level 4 and can tell you, it's not easy

What I found out until now:
- There is a copy protection in level 2, as seen in hipoonios video.
- The version on pouet is uncracked.
- In the comments of hipoonios video somebody posted a link to the essential copy protection solution picture. It works fine.
- There was a cracked (and leveltrained) version uploaded to the zone years ago but I can't find it anymore.
- The pouet, ftp tosec, ftp bippy and damienD versions are identical (adf have the same hash, it's the uncracked version)

Thanks for working on it CFOU!

PS: For anybody playing it, to select the item at the copylock use joystick up-left and up-right and then use joystick up-fire to drop the item.

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