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Looking for maze/puzzle game

1. Possible name of game
If I had any idea I wouldn't have asked.

2. Game genre (General)
I'm not sure, but games similiar to it were classified as maze and puzzle.

3. Game genre (Specific)
Game idea is to uncover xx% of screen, like in Qix, Volfied, Maniax and others. What is important is that by uncovering screen you're given fragments of picture (just like in Maniax). I remember that one of picture showed a man with a red car (Ferrari?).

4. Viewpoint
Hm.. played Qix, Volfied, etc.? It's the same.

5. General dates
Well, I think I played it in 1996 or so.

6. Commercial status
No idea,

7. Other specific info
I think two informations are imporatant: 1) clone of Qix, Volfied etc. 2) man with red car as one of pictures to uncover.

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