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Originally Posted by CrazyPepsi View Post
Irc is dead now ??
Not dead. Chat traffic is sporadic, though.

Current channels, number of users and subjects on, port 6667:
#FS-UAE 11 Welcome to #FS-UAE 32 Welcome to | IRC services have been restored, please identify using your existing account | please only connect to from now on
#back2roots 3
#Bleeps&Beeps 11 Welcome to #Bleeps&Beeps | Where SceneCAT isn't lazy enough!
#pspuae 0 Welcome to the Ultimate Amiga IRC channel | For account issues contact HungryHorace or FOL on EAB (
#longplays 15 Welcome to #longplays - we play old games so you dont have to! If we dont answer, try coming back later! -
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