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Originally Posted by kriz View Post
Looks great Btw: How long did the render take in Uae ?
Someone else asked me about old vs new...

> How long did the first render take?
Too long ago to remember. We did a render for a slide at 1000x667 and I’ll guess it was about 2 days. (A1000)

> How long did the emulated render take?
I think it was 1-2 hours. Note that I upped Max Reflections from 6 to 9 as well. I am running as a "68060" and suspect there are more emulator options to enable for speed.

Edit: Opticks also has a version of the scene builder and renderer compiled with 68020 and 68881 options, the base exe's use software floating point. I don't believe we had the chance to test them back in the day. I gave them a quick try but get a Guru Meditation error. If someone knows more about UAE and how to try those, let me know. Compiled with Manx C.

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