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Help with Startup files

I'm stumped on a couple Startup file issues I'm having. WorkBench 1.3 (34.20) in WinUAE.

In Shell-Startup I set the prompt like this (CLI-Startup has the same):
Prompt "%N.%S> "
but the %S part is not displaying and I don't know how to figure out why.

Perhaps that has to do with my questions involving CLI and Shell-Seg in Startup-Sequence.

Help me understand all of this line:
Resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add

I gather what Resident does,
Looks like it loads CLI with the Shell-Seg library.
What does SYSTEM do here?
When Startup-Sequence runs I get a "pure bit not set" message. Looking at the CLI file the pure bit is not set, so that makes sense. Maybe I accidentally lost that bit and can turn it back on? Presumably it can/should be set for the CLI command? Hm, none of the commands have the pure bit set.
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