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two questions (Falcon Mission 2 and Carrier Command)

First, the most important for me because I'm totally stuck : it's about Falcon Mission Disk 2. Can anyone tell how to stop those damned machine gun firing which comes from nowhere? I explain myself : it's a characteristic noise you only hear in the "Mission 2" (it's not the "normal" machine gun like in the two others Falcon, which them, are fired from "classical" Migs). Here, I don't see anything on the screen and when I engage the "autopilot mode" for my Falcon search any ennemy planes (Migs or Hind 24), it's just doesn't move ?!! I know it's not a bug because I tested several release (both on amiga and atari st) and each time, it's just the same result, there is nothing I can fight with, it's just keeping on fire at me and then, I die... It's really frustrating ! I know also it doesn't come from SAM sites and that it can happen everywhere, on both ennemy and friendly territory (sometimes, it happens just after I take off...). So if someone know what i'm talking about and can help, please let me know. thanks.

My other request is about Carrier command. I read on a forum this post:

"carrier just sitting in the middle of an island...". Yes, well to enlighten you , the "evil" ship doesn't use walruses to plant it's seed on free islands, it just runs up onto it. In fact, i can say with confidence that it doesn't even have atv's - It's a more efficient looking ship, suggesting it is supposed to be a more efficient model. I noticed this while one of my mantas was active in a long-range demolition mission.

I tried to check it out because I was curious about seeing the "ennemy carrier" move onto an island to plant its feed, like it is said. But I just didn't get true. After many tries, I finally knew what would be the next island, the Omega (ennemy carrier) plan to conquer, a neutral island. So I just wait, and when it's was exactly the right time (after I spent many times here also to know when...), I sent a "Manta" to the localized island to intercept it, just to see... But the problem is this one : when my Manta reach the island one second (not more) too soon, it is not there and when it reach just after (two seconds later), the Omega is there (but in water and not onto land) and the island is already building itself !? So I wonder how in one second, the Omega can be there this time (while the second before it wasn't), plus has the time to set up a base. It's just not possible ! So I wanted to know if anyone, like the post said it above, saw the scene and can confirm it. Eventually, a picture of it would be great...

Sorry for my awful english but I think if I can have a answer, this is the good place, and I hope you'll get the global sense of theses two requests.

Many thanks.
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