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Falcon and missions disks in FS-UAE - problems accessing missions

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get the WHDLOAD version of Falcon that i have, workingi n Amiga Forever (unfortunately it runs too fast there and the graphics are messed up)

so fortunately FS-UAE seems much easier to setup the game. The problem however is that in order to play the separate missions disks that come with this LHA install, i need to be able to select the game version from the desktop within the amiga environment (or is workbench the right term)

if i just start the game, it will bring up a window to select th emission disk but this sadly doesnt work, the only way i can access the missions is by selecting the icon in the game folder for either operation firefight or operation counterstrike

could somebody help me with this - or is there way to start an whdload game that goes to a desktop where i can open the game folder?
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