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After a long time I have cleaned up some of my PPC machines and after a complete reinstall of OSX 10.5 on new G4 equipped with an HDD as boot disk I discovered A LOT of stuttering in audio and video in my FS-UAE builds (3.0.5) that were not present at all on the other G4 when booted from an SSD. After testing some of the usual demos/games/workbench I selected for this purpose I discovered that stuttering was due to a wild disk swapping the emulator is doing all the time! My regular G4 is equipped with an SSD since years and the disk access time is almost non existent therefore this FS-UAE behaviour was totally unnoticed but when running from an HDD this become really annoying. I found that declaring the "cachesize" parameter in the config file helped a lot and every stutter went away also when running from old disk drive (cachesize=8192) but I wonder why FS-UAE need to swap to disk also when a simple single ADF is completely loaded in memory like some demos that once loaded they do not acces disk anymore... is there a tweak for the source code to avoid at all this unnecessary swapping?

EDIT: Since I have just purchased for 20 euros a nice working iMac G5 20" iSight (2.1 GHz single core) I was curious to see how faster would run FS-UAE compiled and optimized for PPC970 processors and, guess what? The binary is now available in The Zone for download! Enjoy! :-)

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