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It's not complicated to fix the bigendian support; I did that previously for FS-UAE as you probably recall. I just might ignore it (when convenient) when experimenting with new code and wait until having a way to test it before bothering with it.

About performance, I think I quite recently removed some forced inlining because it didn't seem to have any effect on x86(64), and had negative effect on ARM. Maybe try compiling with an older commit in case that a big impact on PPC with older GCC?

Commit before that change: 1572da320030b5f762ee19a5db2b8cefbd74886c

(Alternatively, look in history for src/include/uae/inline.h and revert to the previos version of that file?)

As for the flashing VSYNC LED, that is intentional, whether it is a good idea or not remains to be seen, it can certainly be annoying ;-)

The reason it flashes is because if you actually have proper working VSYNC, the alternating red and green will appear to be solid yellow-ish. If v-sync is not stable, you will see flashes of red and/or green. So it works as an indicator of having stable v-sync.
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