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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
GCC will compile some example programs (from Thomas Rapp's site), but they will not link. Error:

What am I missing? Is there not a fully functional and complete download of GCC with everything needed already in it, ready to go out of the box? Same for OS4.1? Not all the extra bloat, no VBCC, etc.
Welcome to the world of GCC. I'm not sure GCC has any kind of auto Amiga library functionality. I couldn't find an auto.a or auto.lib anywhere in my GCC 3.4 installation (last version to have Amiga specific functionality). Vbcc links with -lauto to get it (lib is vlibos3:auto.lib). It looks like SAS/C has auto library opening built-in.

GCC is huge with many binutils fit for a whole OS (BSD), requires ixemul.library which is basically a BSD emulation library and it uses makelinks to files. It's not Amiga friendly. There were GeekGadget CDs that may have had enough on one CD for an installation but there is still an involved installation process. If you manage to get through it successfully then you have an old version of GCC installed.

What is wrong with vbcc? It's a 5 minute install using a standard Amiga install program.
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