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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Sensible World of Soccer has 2 executables on the first disk. One is designed for 512k chip and the other for 1MB chip
This is an interesting case me thinks.
The Quartex version of SWOS '95-'96 bears a cracktro that requires 2.04+ ks to load. Concerning the game itself, I am afraid it (just tried with both IPF's converted to v3 HFE) won't load with a mere 0.5MB of chip memory. Here is the error message I get :

Be it the Quartex or the IPF version, loading halts with the above mentioned error message (another case of convenience of language, when in fact the devs really meant 0.5+0.5MB fast or 1MB of chip required ?). I am not saying that the other executable you're evoking is never triggered, just that it's not triggered with that version of the game (CRC of Disk 1 : F4AF023D) on my machine. FYI, it's not the European Championship version or anything similar, just plain SWOS '95-'96 on 2 disks.

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