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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I'm not aiming at all at real A500 or Gotek users; why would I?
Short answer : That specific version of Gravity Force is buggy, be it on WinUAE or on an actual Amiga unless you switch ks to 1.2 version, and even then Toni (well, some internal check he implemented) will alert you that the disk should be in extended ADF format to save that piece of data (the player nick from the high score table).

Long answer (not too long, it's a promise ) :The corresponding configuration file from your collection mentions 1.3 ks, but it's pretty obvious VF version is buggy should anything else than 1.2 ks is used. Try to enter your nick in single player mode after the game has ended (at least one enemy ship must be destroyed beforehand), the game gurus right after hitting the Enter key. There is no such disadvantage in using v1.1 (the freeware version if that's what TOSEC means by attaching [FW] to it). The downside is there is no fancy cracktro nor trainer with that version.

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