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Success! Your version of Leader Board works with my 6a revision 1MB chip equipped A500, both the regular game and its expansion data disk. Very nice, keep up the good work! Same with first opus of Archon, no need to softkick ks v1.2 (assuming that term applies to A500's too). Simply hit the space bar several times when the FreeFall logo appears, the checkerboard then is displayed and you can start a game against CPU or Human (or against... Cyborg ? What is that ?) right away.

Turbo Trax won't load with less than 1MB memory. Conversely, that top down racer doesn't require 2.04+ ks (yeah, the seller implemented a few switches at the back of my miggy to adjust configuration, am I not a lucky lad he he). Now, it would be nice if dreadnought attempted too to load / play the game on his machine (remember it's the Arcane version, there is another game named Turbo Trax) to make sure it's a standard case of these few games requiring 0.5+0.5 other mem, and not specifically 1MB chip.

Concerning Gravity Force, no need for IPF. I could manage to enter my nick in high score after Game Over screen and a couple of enemies destroyed, which wasn't the case with the cracked version. For that purpose, I used the 1.1 freeware version.

I know you're not aiming specifically at A500 / Gotek users when building your collection, but unless you really fancy trainers IMHO you should consider replacing that Vision Factory version of Gravity Force with the version I just tried (or with the IPF). Don't quote me on that, but I think the guru error after typing one's nick in high score has something to do with the 1.0 version of the game requiring 1.2 KS.

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