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Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
According to R-N, it simply needs 2.04+ ks.
Speaking of which, last evening I played 2.4 version of Deluxe Galaga
CRC32 : 96B14D0C
from my Gotek and no issue occurred. DamienD has 2.6C version in his collection, maybe that's the one requiring 2.04+ KS. Not sure about enhancements I am missing compared to 2.6C, but 2.4 version loads and plays fine, furthermore only requires 1 disk image, that's a plus for me. Don't want to turn this thread into a Gotek support one, but I noticed a few workarounds for fiddly games such as Double Dragon II, Archon etc. Fortunately, there is a little known IPF'ied ECS version of Double Dragon II out there (nice, eh !)
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and Archon (from IPF) might be playable, provided the space bar is smashed at title screen (already tried both compilations bearing Archon I / Archon II / One on One to no avail).

On the other hand, I've thrown in the towel concerning Leader Board & Leader Board Tournament Disk (seems a bit primitive, so no biggie).
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