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According to R-N, it simply needs 2.04+ ks. That would make more sense. Check 4th post of this thread. So to make things clear, there might not be any single "Amiga 500" game that would require 1MB chip. The benefits of this might be down to productivity tools, screenmodes etc. after all.

If you're interested in that sort of things, there's this member who made a list in 2007 bearing 15 "ECS" games allegedly not working on A500, check it here :
Probably the vast majority of which require 2.04+ ks, work from A500 if you go for a better cracked version (got me wondering if it's not down to some mega trainers that try too much to alter each and every attribute of the game) etc. What an Old Fool (that's his nick actually) !

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