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Question Closing a window with shared Messageport?


I could need some help with this topic. I have a mainloop that gets and replies messages for all windows. In between it shows a message to the window it belongs to and then the mainloop replies it.

When the window sees a close message, it does a forbid and strips all its remaining messages from the common port and replies them. logically the close message that triggered this is replied by the mainloop AFTER the window has stripped its messages, but following the order it should have been replied before the other messages are stripped?

What's the right method?


ps: I found some documents that says that all messages belonging to a window must have been replied before closing it. I know that, but I don't know if the messages must be replied in a correct order.

pps: I am now doing it in the right order, replying the messages in the order I get them, everything works fine.

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