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Originally Posted by Chucky View Post
well it is not that it is designed as "hehehe lets fuck around with those with...."

no. it would require the designer having ALL different equipment at home.. this is a unrealistic demand.

let me say like this: before the TF53x cards there was NO open 030 solution..
with thisthere is.

so what you say is: better not have a open 030 solution. better to have only the old cards that cannot be produced anymore as all data is lost since ever..

so welcome to 030 card costing many many hundreds of euros..

but I guess people are not thankful what there is...
I think its great that the TF cards have been made, are open and everything.

I just want to have a discussion around the the fact that designs which breaks the memory model, DMA, or what we want to call it creates lots of problems.

It should be ok to say that design which stops the computers expansion bus from working as intended/specified, is incompatible etc. Apparently, given the number of posts with people with this kind of issues, it is not talked about anywhere near enough.

If anyone needs testing this, any DMA card would do, they are plentiful.

The new TF cards, as I understand, do not put memory in the first 16MB area and thus avoids this problem, so that is awesome - the experience of the previous bad design has been used and everyone will benefit greatly from that!

As you, I don't understand why the old cards are being produced. If users were more informed about these issues with them, I doubt they would be selling them instead of the new ones.
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