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So I played the Spanish CPC version (emulator used : CaPriCe Forever) and it seems the end is missing indeed. After Step 26, there is no message displayed (step 27 : "Read the message"). Instead, the game starts all over again. So, as I suggested, instead of a full Spanish version, maybe you could use the French files as a substitute for the three missing files to be able to end the game nonetheless. The fact that it's spread on 2 disks doesn't change the fact that it's missing those TOT files.
For the record, after 10 hits one wins an action sequence, versus 15 hits for the 16-bit versions. The CPC versions action sequences are easier to achieve because the game runs at a much slower pace. In DOS, it's almost insane. Maybe slowing down the emulation (CPU Cycles) in DOSBox could help somehow.
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