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As SyX said, it's not necessary to speak Spanish fluently to play and complete the game. The showstopper consists in the action sequences : Defeat the Indians, go a little further in the game, then another action sequence occurs (to fight the bandit), which is even more unfair and tedious. That's what I just did with the DOS version I uploaded, dialogues were in Spanish all the way, and it's already half of the game through (step 22 out of 37).
I understand some of your contributions were made in cooperation with dlfrsilver who happens to be a fan of the CPC. Well, as with many CPC games, you should be aware of that fact that it's possible to insert pokes. Can the pokes from the CPC (infinite strength or infinite bullets) be translated into cheats for a 16-bit port of said game ?
With infinite strength (or less hits required for a given enemy), I can guarantee I can complete any version of the game. Of course, I can't be 100% sure, but I am 99% positive any version can be completed including the Spanish version, action sequences aside.

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