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Jep, I got the bash 3.0 to a working version. Sorry, but I had very little time the last weeks. I hope to prepare a working installation file and some instructions soon.

Installation for the Ariadne should work as follows (sorry, for the text, it's a quick translation of the german instructions on my page):

Log in as root user.

Copy the install.ariadne script to / and execute it:

sh install.ariadne

The script can throw a few warnings, normally these are only for file permissions and can be ignored as you are logged in as root.

After the script execution you need to compile a new kernel. So type:

cd /usr/sys

and start compiling with


This will take a while. After compiling you will find the new kernel in this path:


This file must be copied to /stand:

cp /usr/sys/relocunix /stand/relocunix

and then be installed into the boot partition:

cd /stand
make bootpart KERNEL=relocunix

After the installation you need to reboot the system:

cd /
shutdown -i6

Setting up the network:

Ariadne can be found under /dev/aen0.

Without any settings, typing

ifconfig aen0
should display something like this:

inet netmask FF000000 broadcast

as you cannot really use DHCP you need to work with static IP addresses
which need to be entered into the hosts-file with amixadm


Amiga Unix System Administration

1) Add user
2) Set date, time and timezone
3) Set screen characteristics
4) Set default keymap
5) Set system nodename and domain
6) Assign password to all system accounts
7) Create a new hosts file with two addresses
8) Configure X windows for a color graphics card
9) Configure xdm, an X Windows login screen
10) Configure Netnews for local vw. networked operation
q) Quit

Choose an option:

Choose option 7:

What is the machine's network address?
What is the second machine's nodename? amiga
What is the second machine's network address?

/etc/inet/hosts created

After that, typing

ifconfig aen0

should look like this:
inet netmask ff000000 broadcast

If you add a computer with hostname and IP-address to the hosts-file you should be able to ping it via the name:

ping amiga
amiga is alive

Enter a default route:

Edit /etc/inet/rc.conf and add the following line:

/usr/sbin/route add default 1

in case the used gateway has the IP address Mention the 1 at the end of the line, don't forget to include it (metrics)!
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