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Retroplay's WHD uploads

All installs now available here:
host: or (mirrored)
port: 21
user: ftp
pass: any
In folder /Retroplay WHDLoad Packs/
(Direct FTP link only works in Pale Moon or similar browser)

All JST, HDLoader and WHDLoad installs can also be downloaded from my MEGA stash.
Right here.

Dats for Clrmame & RomVault moved to my folder on the FTP.
Clrmame Pro - Rom manager for Windows
RomVault - Rom manager for Linux & Windows. RomVault Wiki, detailed info and setup guide (recommended read)
JRomManager - Rom manager for Mac, Linux & Windows

Short video of Clrmame, to give you the basic idea of how it works.

New commercial titles for sale
These will not be added unless they become freeware at some point
Attack of the PETSCII Robots
CyberPunks 2 (AGA)
Devil's Temple
Reshoot R (AGA)
Turbo Sprint (AGA) - Downloadable "name your own price" title, I'm not sure it's proper etiquette to add preinstalled game here.
Wiz (AGA)

Thanks to all who contributed with missing disk images throughout the years.
To name a few on top of my head:
Wepl, DrBong, Dlfrsilver, TjLazer, Galahad, JOTD, CFOU, Abaddon, BarryB, StingRay, Irek, Psygore.

There's probably more names I need to add to that list.

Compatible disk images wanted
None at the moment

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