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Toni Wilen
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Beta 7: (official release next weekend?)

- fixed D3D scanline missing right edge
- OCS NTSC chipset always used PAL rates
- windowed RTG mode FPS counter shows both RTG and chipset refresh rates "<RTG> [<chipset]"
- CIA TOD didn't stop when genlock mode was enabled without genlock (caused KS to detect wrong timing mode, result was most OS time functions, including CLI wait-command, counted incorrectly if configured chipset refresh rate was different than current refresh rate. Bug since the beginning of time but genlock option made this worse because old "genlock always connected" feature hide this bug.. (CIA-A TOD configured to PS tick didn't have this problem) Thanks Ed Cruse for real NTSC A3000 testing.
- Syncronize clock improved. Automatically enables PS supply tick mode (CIA-A TOD = sysclock only if it uses PS supply tick) and also counts "lost" ticks when emulation is stopped (for example GUI is open) This is still a hack but at least it seems to work now
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