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Originally Posted by manmax View Post
Hi. Is there some good news ? Santa said i was a very good boy this year, and he will try to bring me a brand New accelerator !
So, as I think I mentioned, the A500 board has ended up being 8 layer. The layout is finished and I just need to press the button on a manufacturing run, but I have been maxed out on day-job work so that hasn't happened yet. I have also been considering how I can prove the design without risking what turns out to be a significant upfront cost of an 8 layer board.

The way I have decided to do this is to knock up an A1200 version first, which I know a few people have asked for anyway. Being much larger, this won't be anywhere near as dense and so will be much cheaper to do a small test run. The main thing I need to prove is the memory design, which will be common between the two versions, so although this does add delay in getting the 16-bit one out, it does mean it's far more likely to work first time, and also means there will be a 32-bit version as well.

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