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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
IOld leds sucked.

New ones can support any available font but it is not yet configurable.
Originally Posted by honx View Post
will there be an option to choose between old and new style leds? for those who prefer old style?
The new LED shape is square, I like the rectangle better.

I'd also like say a configuration line entry to use old LEDs if possible


Just tested all my RTG games, virtually all have JIT:

Abuse [RTG]   [MS-DOS conversion].uae
Alone in the Dark [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Blackthorne [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
CannonBall - The Enhanced OutRun Engine [RTG]   [Arcade conversion].uae
Cave Story [RTG]   [Windows conversion].uae
Descent - Freespace - The Great War [AmigaCD] [RTG].uae
Doom II - Hell on Earth [RTG]   [ZDoom].uae
Doom [RTG]   [ZDoom].uae
Duke Nukem 3D [RTG]   [AmiDuke].uae
Earth 2140 & Earth 2140 - The Final Conflict - Mission Pack [AmigaCD] [RTG].uae
Escape Velocity [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Fortress of Fear [RTG]   [unreleased] [demo].uae
Heretic & Hexen [AmigaCD] [RTG]   [MS-DOS conversion].uae
Hydra Castle Labyrinth [RTG]   [3DS conversion].uae
Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy [AmigaCD] [RTG].uae
Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow & The Flame [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Prince of Persia [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Spear of Destiny - Mission 2 - Return to Danger [RTG]   [AmiSpear].uae
Spear of Destiny - Mission 3 - Ultimate Challenge [RTG]   [AmiSpear].uae
Spear of Destiny [RTG]   [AmiSpear].uae
The Feeble Files [AmigaCD] [RTG].uae
The Griffon Legend [RTG]   [Windows conversion].uae
Warcraft - Orcs & Humans [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness [RTG]   [ShapeShifter].uae
Wild Flying [RTG]   [unreleased] [demo].uae
Wolfenstein 3D [RTG]   [AmiWolf].uae
Issues are as follows:

Blackthorne [RTG] [ShapeShifter]:

In game sound is jerky, entering Windowed then back to Fullscreen fixes.

CannonBall - The Enhanced OutRun Engine [RTG] [Arcade conversion]:

Lowered screen.

Cave Story [RTG] [Windows conversion]:

Black screen, music can be heard.

Descent - Freespace - The Great War [AmigaCD] [RTG]:

Corrupt loading screen. In game when firing the bullets graphics are not normal.

Duke Nukem 3D [RTG] [AmiDuke]:

Corrupt screen, can't see title or start game.

Earth 2140 & Earth 2140 - The Final Conflict - Mission Pack [AmigaCD] [RTG]:

Intro video and any videos are just black. Game runs really slow now.

Escape Velocity [RTG] [ShapeShifter]:

Skips graphics screen after starting, sound is crackling.

Heretic & Hexen [AmigaCD] [RTG] [MS-DOS conversion]:

Grame crashes after 10 seconds of play; same issue that I found a work around for previously i.e lower JIT cache size to 2MB. This now doesn't fix.

Hydra Castle Labyrinth [RTG] [3DS conversion]:

Lowered screen.

Prince of Persia [RTG] [ShapeShifter]:

Sound is crackling.

The Feeble Files [AmigaCD] [RTG]:

Slightly crackling sound.

The Griffon Legend [RTG] [Windows conversion]:

Black screen.

Warcraft - Orcs & Humans [RTG] [ShapeShifter]:

Slightly crackling sound.

Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness [RTG] [ShapeShifter]:

Slightly crackling sound.

If you need me to try anything in particular, logs or any of the .HDFs then please let me know Toni.

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