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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
I notice a certain smell in this thread, one which poisons several other threads in this great forum already. The smell of trolls poison.

@timeslip1974: Don´t be put off by comments of some guys who have never learned to filter their thoughts before putting them online, and so are destroying the community. They are loud and noisy, but they still are the crying minority. Glad you guys are so determined and finally release your game.
Of course you would say something like that and 100% support these silly prices... you're probably the main offender, and the reason why other developers are thinking: "Well it's been done before, we should try this also".

As for "destroying the community"; I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, your pricing and your "marketing practices" across forums.

You're not creating games for the love of the Amiga or the community as many others are... you are totally in it for the money; it's so blatantly obvious!!!

I mean, you seem to think it's ok to tell people that we really need to read your text / explanation to accompany a 15 second video, but knowing full well that the only way to do so is by subscribing to your Patreon

Originally Posted by malko View Post
The law of supply and demand is one thing.
However, selling a physical version (box + manual + data carrier (floppy/CD/etc.) + other...) and a dematerialized version at a similar price sends a strange message to potential customers.
Nobody likes to be taken for a "cash cow".
Some people would do well to think about it...
The frankness that emanates here regarding the price is a subject that has been discussed many times in other threads in the past (on EAB and elsewhere). Not wanting to take it into account seems strange to me, especially since everybody agree to pay a price for a new production.
My two cents.
Exactly malko

Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
This is very common practice within the whole media industry (games, magazines, audio,movies) and for a good reason: The costs for selling digitally rather than physically are kind of comparable. The human factors (development time etc.) are exactly the same, and digital distribution is not free either. Digistore24 for example gets about 20 - 45 percent of the asking price for providing servers, handling of files and money transaction, handling invoices, customer servicer etc.
That's absolute bollocks Richard and you know it.

Here's some recent examples of Amiga games for sale in regards to physical versus digital price:

Black Dawn Rebirth:
Physical: CAD$ 59.99
Digital: CAD$ 12.99

Physical: €23
Digital: €9

Bridge Strike:
Physical: €17
Digital: €11

Skill Grid:
Physical: £17
Digital: $7.99

Physical: €9
Digital: €5

Tiger Claw:
Physical: £15
Digital: $2.99

Power Glove Reloaded:
Physical: £15
Digital: $2.99

Solid Gold:
Physical: €13
Digital: Free

Trap Runner:
Physical: €15
Digital: Free

Oh wow, look at that... for all 9 of the above games listed; the digital download price is usually less than half the price of the physical, and sometimes only a quarter or even free.

I have no issue with the physical or digital pricing of any games listed above. These are fair prices

Now let's have a closer look at your pricing for Reshoot R shall we?
Physical: €34.95
Signature: €47.95
Digital: €29.95

...or even Reshoot?
Physical: €23.95
Digital: €18.95

I don't know about you guys, but something here sticks out like a sore thumb...

You can try to pull the wool over peoples' eyes in order to suit your own agenda Richard, but the figures don't lie... you also can't scrub out people's opinions / feelings on this, no matter what BS justification you try to conjure up

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