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yesterday i find the perfect sound solution for winuae and real time playing softsynth with hd-rec and toccata soundcard work too.

only with voicemeeter it work good on my i5 8600k. in earlier days i have a i5 760 and with this winuae work a little better as on i5 8600k without voicemeeter. so i guess, it help on all PC to get perfect sound. In winuae prefs need choose buffer 1, port audio [ASIO] Voicemeeter virtual asio. then in voicemeter can choose for output WDM buffer size 256 or 512 or 1024. values between always crackle. The important step is, that you set in sound setting of windows prefs the sounddevice that should output that exclusive mode is enable. it work all i test on a cheapest logi link USB 7.1 soundbox with spdif out that cost around 25$ and soundblaster z with very low latency. the voicdemeeter virtual asio can be shared so other programs can it use too. for windows sound in windows sound pref can choose VoiceMeeter Input. this output sound device can too work with more than 1 program. In voicemeeter mixer, the outputs can see on Voicemeter VAIO input level meter. If have a soundcard as soundblaster z with own asio driver there can use in voicemeter output ASIO soundblaster z. or if you are really unhappy with WDM, there can use asio for all as output with all soundcards

the only disadvantage of this way is that in winuae even if select in voicemeeter hook volume keys for output, the volume with the ascii keyboard volumer knobs can not control when winuae is fullwindow or fullscreen or active. but with other apps it work. maybe Toni can tell, if it is a problem in voicemeeter hook or winuae ?

I wish all a happy new year. and now in 2019 my winuae have perfect sound after 19 years of unhappy with winuae sound latency for realtime keyboard play. there are many other virtual cables for windows. but other crackle on my PC and are unusable. was on i5 760 same bad
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