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Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
Question, at some point in the future will there be a full up to date and kept up to date archive so folk don't have to download each bit and do the trims IF its a new set to them?
I did recently re-upload a new set of files that contains the base archive with all 10 x update packs applied:

... post #1275.
... post #1280.
... post #1282.

With using the above you'd only need apply the latest Update Pack #11

Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
Just wondering...I follow the SID archive from HSVC and they do individual packs and a fully up to date archive for each time a new update comes out. Obviously upload time and space is a factor with the Amiga one but again, just a thought..
The problem with this is that the archive is sooooo large and took roughly 24 hours to re-upload everything

I guess going forward I'll undertake this after every 10 update packs have been released.
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