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Originally Posted by malko View Post
When trying Shadow of the Beast (2 disks game), I noticed that even if the game is loading, there is no disk present in the "Disk swapper".
Could someone confirm ?
Originally Posted by DH View Post
Disk 1 is present in DF0: but nothing in DF1: and as you mentioned nothing is present in disk swapper at all, So I confirm your findings.

Edit: You could just add the two disks (disk 1 in position 1 and disk 2 in position 2) in Disk Swapper and re-save the configuration file for Shadow of the Beast, or just wait until DamienD gives you /us the fix
Originally Posted by malko View Post
Thanks for confirming.
I am sure this will be "fixed" by DamienD within an upcoming update
Phew, that was a mission!!!

Well, not as much as having to take title / screenshots for every game in my collection (which took roughly 2 months of solid work) but still...

I've just spent roughly 20 hours doing the following:
  • Going through all 2502 configuration files.
  • For any games that have more that one disk; irrespective of the number of supported drives; added in all disks to the "Disk swapper".
743 configuration files have now been adjusted accordingly, considering this is a big change, I'll be releasing Update Pack #9 shortly; even though only a few new / changes to games have occurred.

Stay tuned
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