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Here are some details about the gamepad I have been working on the past year! I call it the ProCon CD32 KTRL CD32. I was thinking about making a demonstration video but it felt out of scope so I'm writing a long post instead. If you are interested in getting one or more of these, see at the bottom of this post. I have a few ready built ones and I will order more parts as needed.

It looks like this:

The action buttons (and [UP] can be mapped between each other and turbo fire can be set up for any action button (and [UP]). The speed of turbo fire can be changed and you can store up to four presets (each face button holds a preset). An LED is used to help in configuring the gamepad. Electronically, the gamepad works the same as the original gamepad (automatically switching between CD32 mode and two button mode). This image shows an overview of the functions:

The instructions for the gamepad can be found here:

The back also has a small "cheat sheet" that shows the info about the various functions:

The final version of the PCB has an ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) finish. One of the prototype versions had a cheaper HASL finish, but the buttons are much more responsive with an ENIG finish.

Inside view of the gamepad:

The firmware of the gamepad can be updated using the available ICSP pins (needs a ICSP programmer like the USBasp which can be bought for ~2€).

Due to a bad power supply and bad capacitors on my A1200, the development process was slower than needed. I have also had a few versions of PCBs made with various problems etc. The implementation of the microprocessor (Atmega328p) emulates the shift register in the original gamepad. The other components are more or less the same as in the original gamepad to maximise compatibility. So far I have successfully tested the gamepad on my Amiga CD32, A1200 and A500.

Games I have tested (all games I have tested so far have worked for me but I can't guarantee that the gamepad will work for all games on all machines):

Official Releases:
Alien Breed 2
Alien Breed: Tower Assault
Alien Breead 3D * (see note)
Beneath a Steel Sky
Bubba n' Stix
Bumb n' Burn
Cannon Fodder
Captive 2: Liberation
Chaos Engine
Chuck Rock
Dangerous Streets
Fury of the Furries
Hero Quest 2: Legacy of Sorasil
James Pond 2: Robocod
James Pond 3: Operation Starfish
Mean Arenas
Pinball Illusions
Sensible Soccer 1.2: International Edition
Shadow Fighter
Skeleton Krew
Speedball 2
Super Methane Bros
Ultimate Body Blows ** (see note)
Wing Commander
Zool 2

*) Alien Breed 3D: One user couldn't get the buttons to work in the main menu of AB3D, in game the gamepad works. I'm unable to replicate the issue myself
**) Ultimate Body Blows: Small timing issue for the red button, the game still works but blocking pose of player character can flash when pressing the red button without doing anything else. I noticed the same effect with an original gamepad but it was maybe less frequent, I will investigate this further.

Unofficial releases:
4 Decades of Amiga Demos (Amigajay)
Cadaver (Bitmap Brothers Collection by Amigajay)
Gods (Bitmap Brothers Collection by Amigajay)
Heart of the Alien
Indy Heat (Indy Heat/Super Off Road by Amigajay)
Rally Championship (Isometric Racer Collection by Amigajay)
Sensible World of Soccer '95/'96 (Sensible Soccer Anthology)
Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97 (Sensible Soccer Anthology)
Solomon's Key
Solomns's Key 2
Time Gal
Worms: Director's Cut (Worms Collection)

Cover Discs:
CD32 Gamer Volume 6
+Bubble n' Squeak Demo
+Rise of the Robots Demo

Tools (A1200, A500):
JoyCheck (included with the official CD32 devkit)
JoyPortTest (lowlevel.library on and off) (
My own CD32 gamepad test tool made in Blitz Basic 2

Interested in getting one of these?
You have a few options in getting one of these gamepads. I'm offering preassembled/tested gamepads and two type of kits that you can build yourself. I can supply one assembled gamepad per order, if you want more, you will need to buy kits and assemble them yourself or find somebody that can assemble them for you. This way more people can get one of these. If I have time later, I can assemble a second gamepad for people who want it.

Please note! I'm doing this on the side of other work and projects and have quite a few orders already. You can declare interest in a PM and I will add you to my queue. The price for the full kit and assembled gamepads can vary somewhat depending on the cost of the parts, I don't have a reliable source for the gamepad cases and the cables.

Disclaimer! I have tried my best to make the KTRL CD32 gamepad as compatible as possible but I can't guarantee that it will work for all games on all machines. I can't accept a return if you find a game that doesn't work. I will, however, do my best to troubleshoot the issue. Please understand this before you order.

Known issues! I have had reports from some buyers having problems with the gamepad on A1200 Rev. 1D4 and A1200 Rev. 2B. I'm troubleshooting at the moment for a possible fix. Rev 2B is known to have problems with the CD32 gamepad in general.

Not accepting any more orders, sorry.

Assembled and tested:
Includes a fully assembled and tested gamepad.

Full Kit:
Includes all the parts you need to build one of these gamepads yourself. The Atmega328 comes preprogrammed. This will require the skill to solder SMD components. Do this at your own risk. I can't be held responsible for damage to your Amiga or the gamepad in result of soldering mistakes or bad assembly.

Partial Kit:
This kit includes the main PCB and trigger PCBs plus all the components needed, including a preprogrammed Atmega328. You will need to get a suitable snes style usb gamepad and a 9-pin cable yourself. This will require the skill to solder SMD components. Do this at your own risk. I can't be held responsible for damage to your Amiga or the gamepad in result of soldering mistakes or bad assembly.

Shipping costs:
Airmail shipping (no tracking) for one gamepad/full kit to Europe is 5€, 12€ for the rest of the world.
Airmail shipping for a gamepad + a full kit to Europe is 8.50€, for rest of world, express shipping will be cheaper.
Express shipping to anywhere in the world (tracking to some countries) is 17.50€ for up to two gamepads/full kits.
A partial kit can be shipped for 3€ to Europe and 4€ to the rest of the world.

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