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About TinyLauncher

Just to notice that I won't install the covers. They are so great that they need a lot of room as you may understand (790Mb or around).

-They will also take a lot of time to be copied (using WinUAE even) to your CF HD to be used on your real miggy; "More than Ever".
But if you take your time to install them, once you'll have them there you'll be grateful to appreciate the wonderful job/time that has been made/taken to release these great images.-

So you'll have to download them elsewhere if you've got room in any partition, and then update the TL config to use them. Later it's just to press C the first time to show them for every letter of your games.

These have been some important posts at the TL thread I believe:

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
How does the process to have the images converted go?
Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Check the EAB Fileserver, Upload folder, user=StatMat.
Thanks a lot to StatMat for those great Covers that taked a long time to make for sure
Without them TL isn't as good of course.

Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
Oh man I forgot everything, and there's ZERO documentation.
What are the keys? Most important, how do I enable tooltypes?
EDIT: Found it, press "T" in main menu. But man at least a list of control keys in the .readme would be nice.
Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Please forgive me. I've selected the Covers in the prefs, but how was it that TL shows them?
Edit: Oh, sorry my bad. It's just to press C to show the covers. And I see you only need to press C the first time, then it will show all of them from then on till you change letter.
Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I've seen that if you can not write a path that's too long (more than 32 characters), then you can write the path to the nearest root folder, and TL will search for subfolders.
In fact the modules path will be the only one already saved as default on AKReal, so you can play them just after updating AKReal to the 9th version. For Games or Demos you have to edit the TL config to use your own paths for them.

Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
No-one else had asked this but i thought i'd share.
Press "H" while something is highlighted is how you add/remove a title from favourites.

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