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Radertified 29 June 2021 20:22

Disk Mimic, an ADF mounter for WB1.3, has been released
Details, screenshots, video and a download are available at: https://www.amigalove.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1911

The article says it's been submitted to Aminet but I don't see it yet.

The key points from the article:


The diskmimic.device allows you to mount disk image files that are stored on your hard drive. This software was written primarily for use with ADF images, but there's really no reason that it can't work with other types of disk images as long as you have a suitable file system, and in the case of ISO images, enough space on your hard drive.

The diskmimic.device is based on Matt Dillon's fmsdisk.device, and is very lightweight; it accesses the disk image file directly from the hard drive instead of loading it into memory. Mounting a diskmimic.device drive uses only 192 bytes, and after inserting a disk image it uses about 15 KB.

- An Amiga running OS 1.3
- ReqTools 1.0d or later
- den.font 6 point font
- A hard drive or other form of mass storage

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