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Jan-VHT 31 March 2021 13:02

VirusZ & xvs.library is back, but needs help
Georg Wittmann (Former Hörmann) is back to make changes to VirusZ and xvs.library, but Georg needs your help.

George writes:
After 15 years of doing absolutely nothing on my Amiga, and many people asking me again and again if I would like to release the sourcecodes of VirusZ and xvs.library, I now have decided to do so...
But before that, I finally want to fix VirusZ and xvs.library for MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS 4.x systems, and therefore I need some help as I actually don't have any of these systems (only AROS inside WinUAE as m68k version).

So this is why I've written this small tool here. MAA4SIC just collects information about your system and dumps that to your Shell window. Just redirect the output to a file and send it to schorsch.wittmann at gmx.de if you are running on MorphOS, AROS or AmigaOS 4.x

MOS/AROS/AOS4 System Info Collector tool - Download (From Aminet)
MOS/AROS/AOS4 System Info Collector text - Read Me (From Aminet

Read about you can help Georg here

Thanks in advance for any help...
Georg Wittmann (Former Hörmann)

E-mail: schorsch.wittmann@gmx.de

admiral 09 April 2021 09:42

AROS is the only one I could help with, and you don't actually need help there (it's possible to run aros 68k on a1200 and of course UAE).

I presume most do not own morphos or amigaos4 licenses or even platforms to run them on.

The suggestion I can make is to try on forums dedicated to either of these systems.

Englyst 11 April 2021 18:53

I can help with the MorphOS part - let me spin it up and I'll get it done.

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