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Clark Kent 05 March 2021 12:24

What's the trick with JIT? No matter which config I try with JIT enabled, the black emulation window is displayed briefly and immediately closes.

It WinUAE JIT works every time. Weird.

FrodeSolheim 05 March 2021 14:08

Sounds like FS-UAE crashes. Difficult to say anything more about it without more information. Please post the resulting fs-uae.log.txt (https://fs-uae.net/log-files-needed).

Clark Kent 05 March 2021 18:45

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Here are the logs.

It's weird that JIT does not work at all. Even with a new standard A1200 configuration enabling JIT results in a crash. No matter which processor I choose.

FrodeSolheim 05 March 2021 19:48

It looks like JIT gets properly initialized at least:

- Does it always crash if you boot with JIT and no hard drive / media?

- You can try using the option
in custom configuration. Does this help? (If it works, JIT will be a bit slower, but use less dangerous method of accessing memory).

Clark Kent 05 March 2021 20:03

Yes, it always crashes. I tried a lot of different configs. jit_memory=indirect does not help at all.

Clark Kent 07 March 2021 10:07

I noticed something: if I use a standard A500 configuration with 68000 I get the message "Jit requires 68020 or better cpu.". So it does not crash. But as soon as I set CPU to 68020 it immediately crashes. The same with any other standard configuration of A500+, A600, A1200, A3000, A4000 - as soon as JIT is activated, crash.

Clark Kent 09 March 2021 09:48

I think it has something to do with my MacOS 10.9.5. On a different iMac with 10.12 JIT works (standard A1200 config but CPU 68040-NOMMU and JIT enabled).

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