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amigafreak68k 18 May 2013 20:22

Which ROM image for A3000 emulation?

I've a A3000 ROM with checksum 5e470d0ca5c1e15f475886fd08a9bf207455312c

It's ROM version 36.143

but FS-UAE Laucher doesn't detect it.

Toni Wilen 18 May 2013 20:39

It is SuperKickstart disk ROM image, this version has never been available as a physical ROM chip from Commodore.

SuperKickstart = ROM image that was loaded from disk or HD by A3000 original "KS 1.4" ROM boot menu.

Only physical official ROM chip dumps are detected.

FrodeSolheim 18 May 2013 21:03

Also see http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...000#post867993 :)

amigafreak68k 18 May 2013 21:04

Which checksum must have this original ROM image and what version is it?

emufan 18 May 2013 21:42

one of these should work:

0cbbaacbabcb4b5806438039acc0ff02 *Kickstart v1.3 rev 34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
9596b08c42677b0f01c9547c0da85d22 *Kickstart v2.0 rev 36.143 (1990)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
c5fd2322c53d25c0972e6fc54b705d17 *Kickstart v2.04 rev 37.175 (1991)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
d4db7595c36beedacf2f6a2ef05b0fcc *Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.55 (1993)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
d09acd6607769bba27241d0d92d72fac *Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.62 (1993)(Commodore)(A3000).rom

TCD 18 May 2013 22:16

No, the FS-UAE launcher will only accept this one:

Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim
SHA-1: f8e210d72b4c4853e0c9b85d223ba20e3d1b36ee
Amiga Forever name: amiga-os-310-a3000.rom
TOSEC name: Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A3000).rom

emufan 18 May 2013 22:27

didn't knew FS is so picky. checked again and nothing matched that sha1 checksum :(

TCD 18 May 2013 22:32

"Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A3000)" is in TOSEC for ages. The reason why this ROM is used for A3000 (which btw has no 'real life' purpose for any configuration in the database yet) is to avoid incompatibilities when specifying A3000 as the model. This version is also included as the 'main' A3000 ROM in Amiga Forever.

Toni Wilen 18 May 2013 22:54

3.1 is common. Other real ROM versions are quite rare, especially the original "1.4" ROM. SK images are quite common because they were distributed by Commdore to beta testers and others.

There is no 1.3 A3000 ROM. 1.3 is guaranteed SK rip because it lacks scsi driver, scsi is included in separate "bonus" code located on separate tracks on SK disks that boot menu loader handles automatically. (2.0+ SK images also have bonus code but it is small MMU related, scsi is already included with main ROM image)

Only known A3000 physical ROM chips are: 1.4 (36.16), 2.04 (37.175) and 3.1 (40.68)

Anyway, the point is that only real existing Amiga setups are pre-configured.

emufan 18 May 2013 22:54

thanks for the explanation. since winuae gives more choices on a3000 model, i thought fs-uae would do the same :)

TCD 18 May 2013 22:58

There is a major difference between WinUAE and the FS-UAE Launcher :) The launcher has to make sure that a configuration obtained from OAGD.net will work, that's why only one A3000 ROM is accepted. Like I said, this has no relevance to any actual configuration from OAGD.net and you can of course select the other A3000 KS ROMs manually.

FrodeSolheim 18 May 2013 23:05

Yes, the "Amiga 3000" model in FS-UAE (Launcher) is basically "Amiga 3000 KS 3.1", which is why there's only one ROM file it accepts (automatically). You can of course manually override and use whatever ROM file you want.

If it is useful and there is demand for it, I can add more preconfigured Amiga models in a future version (A3000/1.4 and A3000/2.04), but it for example won't use other 3.1 ROMs by default.

emufan 18 May 2013 23:24

1st time i heard about http://oagd.net . nice addition to fs-uae you have made there.
having advanced-option to manualy configure a desired system is always useful :)

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