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showview 20 April 2013 02:37

Oil Imperium Error w/Speedlink Competition Pro
Hey guys:spin

So, I bought the SL Competition Pro LE and I want to play Oil Imperium, but everytime I try to drill, the game goes straight to 'Drilling a fiasco' without me getting a chance to drill


I have tried all the versions of this game I could find.
Mouse is port1 and Competition Pro is port2.
All other games works fine with the SL Competition pro
on Winuae.

Pleease help me, I really want to play this game again:crazy

Toni Wilen 20 April 2013 08:25

Wrong config? AFAIK Oil Imperium minigames are very CPU speed dependent and totally impossible to play if CPU is too fast. Most likely it is only playable in 68000 cycle exact mode.

TCD 20 April 2013 10:26

The drill minigame in Oil Imperium was/is almost impossible on a real A500 too. Does it really instantly show that message or does it start to drill and after a second or two show the message?

mr_magnell 21 April 2013 15:02

Oilimperium works fine on both my real Amiga 500 & WinUAE, but there seems to be many bad cracks out there.

The one I use that works on my real Amiga 500 & WinUAE is version 1.1.e cracked by Quartex (the one that you have to press enter twice at the copy protection screen), there is no problem drilling in this version.

showview 22 April 2013 01:49

Hey, thanks you guys:bowdown

I'll try these tips tomorrow.

Toni Wilen: Any chance you could send me your config pleeease?

TheCyberDruid: It goes to drilling minigame for half a second, but in this time I can't control it at all. Then it goes directly to Drilling failed message.

mr_magnell: do you have a link for me? Or could you by chance pm the crack to me pleeease? Tried to find this crack on my own but can't seem to find it.

I feel like a real noOob:nuts

Thanks again guys:)

TCD 22 April 2013 01:56

Try these two: http://www.planetemu.net/rom/commodo...-disk-1-of-2-2
I'll also have a look tomorrow and see if I can get anywhere with the drilling game in that cracked version :)

TCD 22 April 2013 13:50

The WHDLoad install has the same problem (okay, it takes maybe 2 seconds, but it's impossible to control the drill).

Retro-Nerd 22 April 2013 14:26

Drilling works fine on my real Amiga. The Speedlink CP stick has a bad lag, so it's not a good choice for the drilling mini game.

showview 22 April 2013 14:56

Retro-Nerd: Then how can I drill on a PC?:banghead
This was one of the big reasons I bought this Speedlink Competition Pro to drill and lay pipelines:guru I was really looking forward to it:crying

Retro-Nerd 22 April 2013 14:58

You need an USB adapter for 9pin joysticks (old Amiga/C64 CPs), with a better polling time. Even then it's a bit easier on real hardware. One of the cases where real hardware really beats emulation.

showview 22 April 2013 15:23

I tried the Oil Imperium v1.1e (1989)(reLINE)[cr QTX] crack by floppy disk. When I double press the well and strike oil to start the game I get the error message 'Can't open SCREEN !' :bash God darn it this is hard..

Anyone have a working config for me pleease?:shocked

TCD 22 April 2013 15:26

Worked here with the A500 most common quickstart (but I got corrupted graphics when I tried to buy a tank...).

showview 22 April 2013 18:24

Has anyone succeeded playing Oil Imperium with the
SpeedLink Competition Pro?

mr_magnell 22 April 2013 21:37

Maybee it's your SpeedLink Competition Pro joystick that is the problem, I use a TAC2 joystick with WinUAE without any problems.

PM me with your e-mail and I will send you my disks + my config file for WinUAE

showview 24 April 2013 03:01

Thank you everybody and expessially mr_mankell for the solution.

Now its actually working, I drilled my first hole mohaha, happy days:)

mr_magnell 25 April 2013 01:41

Happy to help!

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