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Loedown 07 April 2009 16:08

SWAP - GVP 64 pin RAM 4Mb module for...
I require a GVP 64 pin 4Mb ram SIMM.

I can offer ram in almost any other size, from 30 pin SIMMS to 72 pin SIMMS, all tested and in good condition.

Some sticks of PC100 and PC133, at least one stick of DDR400.

Tell me what you're looking for and we'll see if we can strike a deal.


Chain 07 April 2009 17:18


Loedown 08 April 2009 02:05

Yes, I saw that Softhut still sell them, but I am trying to swap something for something else, if anyone is short on other ram and long on GVP :)


coze 08 April 2009 10:50

GVP RAM is always sought after. I doubt you'll find someone to trade it for regular RAM.

alexh 08 April 2009 11:09

I'd swap 4Gig of DDR3

Loedown 09 April 2009 14:29


Originally Posted by alexh (Post 534189)
I'd swap 4Gig of DDR3

You got a deal, I'll send you my post address later :D

I bit the bullet and bought one stick from Softhut.

Offers for RAM are still open, if someone is looking for something old and obscure.


Paul_s 18 April 2009 22:17


Originally Posted by Chain (Post 533960)

Appears Softhut forgot to re-new their domain :sad

DoogUK 18 April 2009 22:46

Oops hope nothing dodgy going on there...they've just taken pre-orders for new stuff.

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