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vroom6sri 17 November 2005 09:18

Lemmings 2 - Playing help...
Can anyone tell me if the number of Lemmings you get on a level is directly effected by how well you did on previous levels? The reason I ask is I have been hopelessly stuck with the "So near but so far away" on the Classic map for weeks. I gave in a searched for a solution on the Internet and found one. The problem is, when I play this level I have only ONE Lemming and there should be a lot more?!?!?!?!??!?!:confused

StarEye 18 November 2005 00:42

The number of lemmings available for each level is decided by how well you did the last one. Try and save all the lemmings possible on each level before you move on to the next.

vroom6sri 22 November 2005 09:10

Thanks but this doesn't seem to have worked. I have completed all the levels up to this one, finishing it 1st place (do you only get 1st if you get 100%). So is there some other problem with the game? It'sthe WHDload version I'm using on my A1200.

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