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AMIPEGUSER 03 July 2022 19:18

Did some rare**** Games on the Server...
I put some Scans (boxes, Disks, Manuals etc.) on the Server.

Cobra - Bytec

Crimson Crown - Polarware

Mewilo - Coktel

No Exit - Tomahawk

OO Topos - Polarware

more are following...

TCD 03 July 2022 19:21

Excellent stuff :great I'm off to movie night in a bit, but I'll add them tomorrow :)

dreadnought 03 July 2022 21:32

You're a star...great stuff! Would love to check Crimson Crown out, where's the "server" (I had a look in the Zone / ~uploads)?

TCD 03 July 2022 21:51

The HOL upload server: https://hol.abime.net/hol_faq.php?section=contributions

dreadnought 03 July 2022 22:02

Ahh...ok, will wait till you put them up then.

AMIPEGUSER 03 July 2022 23:29

I just edit the List above of OO Topos from Polarware, maybe it also interesting for you.

TCD 04 July 2022 06:07

Just added them all to HOL. Thank you once again AMIPEGUSER :)

AMIPEGUSER 04 July 2022 09:27

I have added some Screenshots for OO Topos
There will be in our Drawer in the a1k.org.

TCD 04 July 2022 09:42

Screenshots and No Exit info has been added to HOL :)

AMIPEGUSER 04 July 2022 22:06

So... some more rare titels. Four of them are not listed so far.
All Boxed, Disks, Screensshots and Miscs.

Telling The Time - Rainbow Ecucational 1992
Shapes and Colours - Rainbow Educational 1992
First Letters - Rainbow Educational (listed but no informations) 1991
Maths Dragons - Coombe Valley Software 1991
Schuetze Mike and the Treasures of the Incas - Reentier 2017
Freds Journey - Screenshots

AMIPEGUSER 06 July 2022 22:41

Here again some rare Titels especially Digital Dungeon - Screenshots...

All Titels from ESP..
Stable Masters 2 - Screens, Disk, Manual Cover, Informations
Stable Masters 3 - Screens, Disk, Box, Manual, Cover, Informations
Boxing Masters - Screens, Disk
Cricket Masters 2 - Screens, Informations, new Box with white mistakes on the side
WC Cricket Masters - Screens, Manual Cover, Disk, Informations
Football Master 5 - 96-97 - Screens, Informations
Football Masters 5 - Screenshots
Formula One Masters - Disk

Sophelie - Disk, Manual from New Deal
Formula One Challenge - Disk, Manual Cover, Screens from Amivision
Digital Dungeon - Screenshots - from Magic Matrix

TCD 06 July 2022 22:44

Last batch has been added and the new batch will be added in the next couple of days. Thank you for the contributions :great

dreadnought 06 July 2022 23:06

Thanks indeed, I love obscure manuals.

TCD 07 July 2022 06:32

I should clearify that it's the manual cover.

Edit: The Sophelie manual is complete :)

AMIPEGUSER 07 July 2022 09:51

I corrected it above...

AMIPEGUSER 26 July 2022 21:25

I just put some of my Shareware Games on the HOL Server and TCDHOL have just
added them, now. I believe the german games are mostly unknown for english users.

One of my alltime favorits is the Soccer Card Game "Silly Soccer".
I bought it from the Author in the 90´s. Of course it is luck to open the cards on the deck but if you win you can buy some specials.
And you play a whole season against all premier clubs with standings.
Really cool for a short game with fun.

Also I put 5 Games from a german Coder. Jens Neubauer. He did them between 1995-97 as Bauersoft.
The games will be get better with every new game and his last Game with 3 Disks called BASKET is a Basketball Management Game. Really great work with in game digitized graphics.
Have a look here...

Also a Horse Racing Game called Derby is really good...

Also some new stuff completed like missing items from the Publisher D&H Games.

TCD 26 July 2022 22:07

Thank you for all the contributions this month :)

Some other things that were added:

The box for Arena by Psygnosis: https://hol.abime.net/3305/boxscan

The box, disk and the manual cover for Amiga Karate: https://hol.abime.net/3263

The box and disk for Botics: https://hol.abime.net/190

The list goes on. It has been a busy month :great

Galahad/FLT 26 July 2022 22:13

Also wanted to add that recent contributions by AMIPEGUSER have been excellent.

So much rare stuff added, where have you been hiding lol?

TCD 26 July 2022 22:55


Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT (Post 1556293)
So much rare stuff added, where have you been hiding lol?

Just have a look at this: https://hol.abime.net/983/boxscan

Game is in HOL since 2002 and this year (actually in the last couple of months) two slightly different box scans have appeared. There is much more out there and I know that some parties have bought games that were considered not available in bulk lately (stay tuned ;)).

Morale of the story: Please consider scanning anything not yet in HOL. The games, boxes, disks, manuals etc aren't getting any younger (and neither are we), so let's get them preserved while we can :great

AMIPEGUSER 26 July 2022 23:34


Maybe I was hidden for the EAB.:D

I ve been collecting Games since 1991 when I bought my first A500+.
I ve never been away from Amiga since then and never sold nearly anything of my Games or Amigas. I am a member in the german a1k.org since 2014.
Maybe I slowed all down in the mid 2000 but when I bought OS4.1 for my Pegasos 2 in 2012 my fun coming back.
Most of my Games I bought really in shops. The last Amiga Shop here in Berlin closed in 2003/04. So I could buy games in a shop maybe longer than others. I am working in our Kryoflux group for many years and also writing for the Amiga Future a couple of years.

I tried to help HOL many years ago, as TCDHOL said before "I found your data from two years before". So that explains a little why I was not supporting a long time. I had the feeling there was no interest about that.
I have between 4500 and 5000 Originals and like other collectorsnot did... I also supported shareware and Licenceware in these times. And my arriving at the EAB starts with a question from my a1k friend nujack which remember a post from me about the Full Version of Dark Angel in 2015 and the search of the Full Version of Legend of Falconia.
Now, these "lost" games are back in the community and my journey in the EAB had begun.:D

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