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jailin 11 March 2016 05:09

Adding missing game files?
Ok so I have FS-UAE installed, my game files are in the file scanner, I have the DB from OAGD.

There are a few games with "Missing Game Files" OK fine, I found the game ADF that matches the description from the DB.

How the hell do I add the game files and save the game entry so I can play the game?

I have added the ADF file to the Floppy Drive sections and tried to run it but it still gives the "Game variant cannot be started because you don't have all the required files" error.

How do I edit the DB?

FrodeSolheim 11 March 2016 22:58

If you have found the correct file, you need to re-run the file scanner to let it pick it up. Then, the game should be marked as available afterwards. If not, the file does not match. You can compare the SHA-1 checksum of the file against the database with a checksumming tool.

jailin 11 March 2016 23:26

But how do I edit and delete entries in the DB? There are no options to change/save changes to the configs or delete them.

jailin 13 March 2016 04:26

Seriously nothing? There's 43 different settings per entry and no one can tell me how to save changes? Or how to delete games?

And don't say "Just make a custom config for each game" if that is the only way, what's the point of pulling the OAGD database in the first place?

thevoice 13 March 2016 08:05


if you want the launcher just show the titles you have locally stored go into the settings, then into game database and there you change all games to available games via the selector for database games.
and you will only get the games presented which you have and which have the correct checksum of the disk images/whdload archives.

jailin 13 March 2016 09:54

Hey Voice

The problem is the software doesn't have an obvious way to save any changes you make to the game configs pulled from OAGB, not just what disks/checksum to use but changing RAM, expansion devices, CPU model, floppy disk speeds or anything else.

Meaning you have to remember to set each of the options manually - which is fine while your tweaking settings but when I am finished tweaking I want to save those options so I don't have to set them up again.

I have a Core i5, I don't need to wait for disk load times anymore.

There is also no obvious way to delete games from the local DB. I don't speak German or Polish so I don't need/want them on my system.

The OAGB is a really great resource but not having these options for local edits/changes seems pretty stupid

FrodeSolheim 13 March 2016 16:37

Hi, this isn't a case about stupidity, rather that it takes time to create features, and some features are prioritized above others. You may not agree with my prioritizations, and that's fine :)

Anyway, if you need to change stuff like RAM or model to make the game work, the changes should probably be submitted to oagd.net (you do to do this via the web interface currently).

Being to able to keep a "database" of local modifications is obviously useful in some cases, but this feature does not exist yet. Especially nice if the changes would sync to your oagd.net account and be shared across multiple installations using the same login.

Deleting games is not possible either. Being able to hide a game is a feature which would obviously be nice. An alternative function, which would also be nice to have, is to be able to say "only show games supporting one of the following languages: ...".

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